Our goal is to breed the “ideal” Border Collie in our eyes. A dog that can be active in many sports, social to humans and animals, but also a pleasant house dog and loyal companion! In order to try to achieve this goal, no trouble is to much for us. For example, we regularly go for studs to males from abroad, which we think could meet our expectations. We have already traveled to the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Russia.

We breed a maximum of 3 litters with our girls during their lifetime. Most bitches in our kennel will even only get 1 or 2 littersOur dogs are first and foremost companion dogs that only occasionally have a litter and do not serve to produce a large number of offspring. The number of breedings for which our males are available is also limited. Since we do not do much litters with each of our dogs, we occasionally place dogs in a host family (see page host family). In this way, the dogs receive all the attention they deserve and we are able to further expand our lines.

We also breed only dogs that, as far as we know, are healthy and have undergone the necessary tests. All our dogs are DNA tested on CEA, TNS, CL, MDR1, IGS and RS, or clear by parentage. Also the hips, shoulders and elbows are controlled by X-rays by an experienced veterinarian reviewed by the Royal Society Sint-Hubertus.

The eyes are also examined by a recognized ophthalmologist Gerlinde Janssen from Hemiksem, around the age of 7 weeks.
Our puppy’s are also dewormed, chipped and vaccinated before leaving for their family.