We are Gino and Dona. We met in 2004 and lived since then in Knokke, together with our daughter. In 2013 we moved to Moerkerke Sint-Rita where we have much more space for our dogs.

It all started in 2001 with my first Border Collie: “Skippers Little Devils Son”, callname “Devil”. There was just one puppy left in the litter… a little black devil. After seven weeks with his mum, Devil came to live with me and the love for the breed was born. I’ve had several breeds before him, but nothing was comparable with the Border Collie. Devil has no official pedigree since the pedigrees of his parents have never been transfered to Belgium. He did get his RISH pedigree though. 

When Gino saw all the thing you can do with a dog, he started to train Devil every once in a while, without me knowing. I even let him enter an obedience competition with Devil once, but 2 handlers was to confusing for Devil. Therefore I went searching for a BC for Gino. And so came Erica, a nice tricolor bitch with pedigree. 

And so the Border Collie virus was born… 🙂 
Therfore we have named our kennel after our very first BC, Devil. 

We would like to wish you a lot of fun on our website!