Why do we work with host families?

Regularly we would like to keep certain puppies or dogs for the line to continue, this because of character, zest for work, health, … or who excel in the breed standard for one reason or another. Obviously only if the health tests meet later in life.

Unfortunately, we can not house all the dogs ourselves, nor give the necessary time and love and attention and we are looking for a family that wants to offer them a golden basket.
Especially because we try to breed to diversity and not to quantity. Often only 1 litter is done with the bitches (that is why you often find them very young at ‘at rest’)
For example, if we have a litter, or combination and the puppies like it, we prefer to keep 2 girls to be used later, possibly with 1 litter each, than we keep 1 girl and 3, 4 and even more litters to have. This also contributes to diversity.
This taught us to be a pleasant interaction. The family has a fantastic dog, the dog has a fantastic basket, and the owner breeds the breeding with the less fun aspects.
Our boys also breed very selectively and not infinitely (most even maybe even 1 or 2 times too)

A host family is not just for a while, but for life !!!!